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Angus & Associates delivers multilingual insight

Angus & Associates uses its multilingual capabilities for tailored marketing evaluation, including customer feedback and other research methodologies in the tourism sector in New Zealand and Australia.

05 September 2014


"In the case of customer feedback for example, we know that provision of multiple language options allows a significant proportion of the market to be better heard and provide invaluable feedback that would otherwise not be received", says German speaking Senior Project Manager Christoph Guenter.

This also applies to other types of market research in the sector, be it new campaign development, brand tracking, new product/service development, feasibility studies or event evaluations.

Angus & Associates regularly conducts market research and surveys in simplified Chinese, Korean, Japanese, German, French and Spanish.  The company believes a true multilingual offering encompasses not just straight language translation but also specific cultural knowledge about how people communicate.

Angus & Associates' clients agree that this capability has proved very useful.  "It's crucial to provide guests from key markets the option to complete research in their native language," says Brian Westwood from YHA New Zealand.  "For example, we found that while 80% of our Chinese market speak English, 50% still preferred to participate in our research in Simplified Chinese.”