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Holiday park visitors spend $1 billion

Holiday park visitors contribute almost $1 billion to the New Zealand economy annually, according to new insight.

30 April 2015



While staying at Holiday Parks, the contribution of visitors in terms of direct expenditure to New Zealand’s economy may be almost $1 billion annually. Approximately $594 million, or 59% of this expenditure, is attributable to domestic visitors, and $405 million, or 41%, to international visitors.

New Zealand Holiday Parks currently generate 6.7 million guest nights per annum, from 2.9 million guest arrivals2. This level of activity represents 19% of all commercial guest nights in the last year.

Two thirds (68%) of Holiday Park guest nights are attributable to domestic visitors, while the international market has doubled over the last 20 years from 15% to 32% of guest nights.

Earlier this year Angus & Associates examined the expenditure of Holiday Park visitors across a range of regions and by a variety of visitor types. This peak season study found that visitors spent an average of $155.49 per night ($135.49 for domestic visitors and $194.60 for international visitors) while staying in Holiday Parks.

In comparison with the 2012/2013 season, expenditure in 2014/2015 on a per person basis was around one third higher. The increase in expenditure this season is partly due to an increase in activity and attraction spend – which was impacted in 2012/2013 by poor weather in the South Island. The increase has also occurred in part due to a higher proportion of international visitors travelling by campervan, slightly smaller group sizes, and fewer travel parties including children. There appears also to have been a more general increase in expenditure that may be reflecting a post-recession environment.


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