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Assisting visitors at christchurch i site visitor centre
Assisting visitors at the Christchurch i-SITE.

i-SITE NZ plan aligns with Tourism 2025

i-SITE New Zealand has updated its three year strategic plan 2013-2016 to demonstrate its alignment and support for the overall direction of the 2025 framework.

28 September 2014


“It wasn’t too hard,” explains i-SITE New Zealand Executive Manager Paul Yeo. “We saw i-SITE as being firmly in the ‘drive value through outstanding visitor experience’ section of 2025. That’s where we tell our members our core focus will be and where we can make a difference – that’s how we fit into the 2025 framework.

“So we’ve taken the green colouring from this and used it as our signature headline colour. And we’ve woven the words ‘outstanding visitor experience’ into our vision statement. Then we’ve taken the other four parts of the 2025 framework and renamed what we used to call strategies, now called themes and used the same colours.

What we used to call Marketing is now Target for Value (and has gone from blue to orange).

Productivity became Productivity for Profit and went yellow.

Value became Insight and went black.

“All of these broad themes didn’t really require any other changes as they were an exact match,” says Paul. “Obviously Air Connectivity had no relationship with us, but we had a section on membership so we simply used the blue colour and changed our membership theme to Membership Connectivity!

“We have stressed to our members that none of the key actions in our plan – all the bullet points in the central part of the document – have changed. All we have done is renamed and recoloured the plan. The benefit is that it allows us to see where our organisation fits into the 2025 framework and demonstrates to our members, and the wider industry, that we are committed to not only our own plan but the national framework as well.”