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New one-stop-shop for tourism data

A new Tourism Dashboard – a one-stop shop for information about tourism sector trends and forecasts - has been launched this week.

24 February 2016


The Dashboard brings together a range of tourism datasets produced by the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment and Statistics NZ into one easy-to-use tool.

Being able to access tourism data is vital for helping businesses and policy makers understand the tourism industry and identify new growth opportunities and trends. It is something the Tourism Industry Association New Zealand has been advocating for on behalf of the industry.

Information is presented using dynamic graphs and data tables, which makes it easy to look at trends in tourism through selecting and modifying interactive charts and tables.

MBIE says the Dashboard will be updated regularly with the most recent tourism information available.

MBIE is keen to get your feedback on the New Zealand Tourism Dashboard  email TR_SharedMailbox@mbie.govt.nz  - let them know what works, what doesn’t and what would make it easier for you to access the right insight.