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TNZs Northland campaign
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Regional dispersal success

A pilot campaign to attract Australian travellers to Northland has shown that regional dispersal is possible through targeted marketing.

10 October 2017


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Better regional dispersal is highlighted in Tourism 2025 Two Years On as an important way of ensuring all regions benefit from tourism activity, while relieving pressure on communities with the highest visitor loads.

The Northland pilot was the first Tourism New Zealand campaign focused on a  single region to test whether it could influence a shift in travel patterns towards less visited regions.

The camapign

The campaign ran for two-months from late January to March 2017 reaching 1.5 million Australians in the State of Victoria, encouraging them to visit Northland in the autumn.

The campaign was run in conjunction with Northland Inc, Facebook, Flight Centre and Air New Zealand and featured iconic Northland scenes, such as Northland beaches and Tane Mahuta.

Northland was selected for this test camapgin due to its proximity to the Auckland international gateway and the range of visitor experiences that fit with TNZ’s wider New Zealand marketing campaign.

The campaign – ‘Every day a different journey in Northland’ – featured iconic images and interactive Facebook material. Watch the Facebook video here. It also featured billboards and a giant mural of Tane Mahuta in downtown Melbourne.


Through a number of data sources, Tourism new Zealand tracked increases in arrivals and spend into Northland from the Australia state of Victora that outstripped growth from the rest of Australia.

  •  Campaign partner, Flight Centre reported a 40% increase in passengers booked to Northland. 
  • Facebook observed a 6% increase in visitors to Northland from Victoria after exposure to Northland advertising on Facebook for the period of March – May 2017. This lift was observed against a representative control group who saw no ads. 
  • In addition, total arrivals from the State of Victoria across New Zealand were up 18% for the same period, showing that the regional campaign benefitted not just Northland but all of New Zealand. 
  • Spend by Victorian credit cards in Northland was up 18.2%, compared with rest of Australia cards in Northland up 3.6%.

Next steps

On the back of the results, TNZ is planning to run a second campaign focused on Northland and another campaign in the South Island.